Many people are living a life according to their heart’s truth. And so many people are not.
Why is that?
I am sure everyone on this planet deeply whishes a life that reflects their heart’s truth.
A life where they can live who they truly are. Sharing their gift.

For some it is about not yet knowing exactly what their heart’s truth is…
For others it is about fear that is holding them back…

What I noticed is that it’s above all a process, a continuously process, evolving in meeting yourself and life around you.

This platform is created out of joy. The joy of bringing beautiful stories to the public. And also from a place of experience and knowing the struggles of living your heart’s truth.
It is here to assist you in this process. To inspire you. To find the courage to choose your truth.
Because it is you.

It is also here because I believe that the world will be a more healthier and beautiful place to live, if we humans are living our truth and be connected with our heart.

You can read conversations with Rebels that did already choose for living a life according to their heart’s truth.
You can read about various subjects that you can meet in yourself in this process.
And you can watch and listen to inspiring and wake up call materials.

Choose your heart’s truth!